Upper School Academic Support

Seven days prior to the start of school, all full-time families are assigned a Strong Start Academic Success Coach through the Online Learning Course. Academic Success Coaches will contact students and Learning Coaches during the week leading up to the start of school through telephone and a welcome letter sent through school email. They will conduct important start-up tasks and guide you through what to expect for the first several weeks of school. Academic Success Coaches are your Strong Start guide and main point of contact for all non-instructional needs and requests throughout the school year.

Academic Success Coaches are students and Learning Coaches first point of contact and will:

  • Lead you through and answer questions regarding the Online Learning Course
  • Connect you to resources and support throughout your entire school experience
  • Guide you through the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) process and progression planning
  • Monitor student engagement levels
  • Assist you with scheduling help, organizational skills, time management tips, and much more
  • Collaborate with teachers, College and Career Counselors, and school staff for student support planning
  • Process program change requests and assist in the course selection process
  • Provide you with support, guidance, and encouragement through regular contact

Most importantly, your Academic Success Coach will be on point to guide you through the Strong Start Program from start to finish! Click here to meet our Student Support Team.

Getting Started Orientation Sessions

Full-time students will be invited to attend a Student Getting Started Orientation Session on or before the start of school.  We strongly encourage attendance as you will have the opportunity to meet your Academic Success Coach and interact with students on the same journey as you.

These sessions will appear in your Class Connect schedule on the Student and Learning Coach Home Page. They will also be included in the Academic Success Coach Welcome Letter. Learning Coaches are encouraged to attend with students and/or attend their very own Learning Coach focused session.

Interested in tapping into the resources provided by K12, Inc. to get a jump start on the school year?  Below you will find a schedule of general sessions offered to high school students across the nation from our K12 familiy of schools. These session are not school specific and are designed to provide a general overview of the high school experience.