School Community, Clubs, & Activities

Our school offers a rich and vibrant school community for our full-time students. While our students are often busy with sports, clubs, and hobbies in their local communities, they also have fun with each other through online clubs and activities. Because we believe that connected learners are successful learners, our online clubs, competitions, school assemblies and virtual field trips help foster relationships--and build life-long friendships--all around the globe.

K12 International Academy students who are enrolled full-time with our school can participate in clubs offered just to our students. Full time students can sign up for up to four K12 International Academy clubs by completing the survey at

From time to time, students involved in our school events and clubs are invited to share their information with other families. If you are interested in allowing us to showcase your student, please complete this form. Looking for an exciting virtual field trip?  Bookmark the school calendar HERE.

Interested in being a part of the school newspaper, iGlobE?

Want to make those English compositions potentially change the world?  Publish them in our school newspaper! All grade levels are welcome to join Mrs. Hartmann, Mr. Mistretta, Mrs. Wyatt and the rest of the iGlobe family at our weekly iGlobe meetings on Tuesdays, at 10AM ET!