Get K¹² International Academy Strong!

Whether you are a new or returning family, it is critical to have a successful transition from summer fun or from another schooling environment to online schooling.  We are committed to providing families with all the resources and support they need for student success.  Online full-time students follow the essential steps below to get off to a Strong Start at K¹² International Academy. It is important to know that orientation activities begin 7 days prior to your start date, you will want to plan accoringly so you have time to engage with the start-up activities during that time frame.Take the time to explore the Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School sections of this site to ensure you have followed all the necessary getting started steps for your grade level. Under Parent Resources, you will find help at your fingertips designed specifcally for Learning Coaches and parents.

  1.   Complete Registration Tasks
  2.   Set Up Separate Learning Coach and Student Accounts
  3.   Access School Email
  4.   Complete AIMS Testing
  5.   Complete Required Online Learning Course
  6.   Attend a Getting Started Orientation Session
  7.   Begin Courses on Start Date
  8.   Attend Class Connects and Study Halls Offered by Teachers and School

Complete Registration Tasks


Watch out for a welcome email from the Admisssions Team.  A course selection phone conferenece will occur thereafter, followed by an email sent with confirmed courses and a Getting Ready Guide


Set Up Separate Learning Coach and Student Accounts


Watch out for an email from K12 with directions. Bookmark OLS Log In. View an account set up tutorial by clicking HERE.


Access School Email


School staff will communicate through our school email system. Learning Coaches are copied on all emails sent to students. Read your welcome email before the first day of school.  View a tutorial by clicking HERE.


Complete AIMS Testing


Full-time students complete AIMS (K-1).


Complete Required Online Learning Course


Access your course up to 7 days prior to the start date. Complete all lessons, quizzes, and read documents in File Sharing (K-8) or Course Materials (9-12).


Attend a Getting Started Orientation Session


Offered on or before the start of school. This live session will ensure you learn all you need to know to have a Strong Start and navigate online school with success. Recordings will be shared. You may also see course orientations and other school sessions offered during the week prior to school starting. Learning Coaches are enouraged to attend.


Begin Courses on Start Date


Log in to the Online School and begin your courses. Establish a daily schedule that works for you (typically 5 days per week,1-1.5 hours per course, per day). Expect a phone call from your Strong Start Teacher or Academic Coach before school starts.


Attend Class Connects and Study Halls Offered by Teachers and School


These may begin up to 7 days prior to your start date. Attend a Policy and Procedure session during your first month of school. Attend course based orientations and sessions scheduled through Class Connect (not required). Drop into a teacher's Study Hall with course questions.


More Questions

Have additional questions about getting started with us? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, give K¹² International Academy a call at 877.512.7748, or send us an e-mail at  We're here to help!