About Academic Integrity

K12 International Academy prides itself in maintaining academic integrity in its courses. Instructors hold their students accountable for submitted work and all coursework submitted needs to be original. The submission of unoriginal coursework will result in an academic integrity incident, which can result in loss of credit on the submitted work.  The Academic Integrity Policy is in place to ensure that all students are learning, so they can be successful in their academic futures.

An Academic Integrity Incident includes:

  • Plagiarism
  • Copying and pasting K¹² content onto the internet
  • Using outside sources of any kind on quizzes and exams
  • Helping another student or receiving help from someone on a quiz or exam
  • Not citing sources on research papers or assignments requiring research
  • Using translators in Foreign Language courses
  • Improperly paraphrasing information by using too much of the original content

K12 International Academy has an Academic Integrity Advisor in place to teach students the importance of maintaining academic integrity in their coursework.  There are weekly sessions held to review the school’s academic integrity polices, and the Advisor can also meet individually with students who need more individualized instruction concerning how to properly paraphrase and cite sources. All K12 International Academy students are required to review, sign, and abide by the Student Honor Code.