K¹² International Academy Strong Start Program

K¹² International Academy Strong Start is an exciting new program this school year that is open to all  full-time K¹² International Academy students.  The program is completely free, and full-time students are automatically enrolled.  Strong Start begins at the point of registration when one of our experienced Admissions Advisors guide you through initial course selection and the essential start-up tasks. They will provide you with a Strong Start Getting Ready Guide,  posted in Hot Topics for your convenience. Seven days prior to the start of school, students are assigned a K¹² International Academy Homeroom Teacher (K-5), Academic Success Coach (6-12), or Student Experience Coordinator (6-12) who introduces them to all the ins and outs of K¹² International Academy, provides guidance and support for establishing good online learning habits, and follows their progress closely during the first several months of enrollment. They also provide support and resources geared towards Learning Coaches to ensure the entire family has a successful experience.

Get to know the Strong Start program below.  If you are the parent of a new full-time student and have questions about K¹² International Strong Start, contact K¹² International Academy today!

Part-time students have resources to get off to a Strong Start as well.  Contact K¹² International Academy with questions about getting off to a Strong Start!