Everyone makes to-do lists either in their head, on paper or even on their phone. They tend to happen as we try to determine how to accomplish all the tasks that are before us for a certain period. To-do lists can help you stay organized, but they can also help you manage your time. To-do lists can be lists of items in a series to accomplish a larger task, or they can be simple tasks or items that are not connected to other things.

 In online learning, to-do lists can serve the purpose of the chalkboard, smartboard or verbal organization that a teacher offers at the beginning of class in a traditional school.  We encourage all iCad students to utilize daily “to-do” lists to stay organized and manage their time throughout the day.  You should begin to make this a habit in your daily routine.  

To-do list organization comes in all shapes and sizes – from pen & paper to smart phone applications.  You are welcome to find whatever methodology or organization suits your needs and your schedule. Below are excellent applications that come highly recommended by our iCademy families.