Dear Student & Learning Coach,

The International Academy wants to help you get started successfully this year. One of the most important aspects of online learning is Time Management.  Some students do an excellent job managing their time already, while others are always wondering how time got away from them.  Regardless of whether time management is an area of strength or growth for you – this tool will ensure that you are prepared to manage your time this school year! 

We recommend students and parents work together on completing this tool. Time management is learned skill, and students will benefit from the advice and wisdom that their learning coach can offer.  As you get older and mature as a young adult, you will be held more accountable for all aspects of your life. You will find that the skill of time-management is very important to your success in any area – from getting ready for school, completing your school work or chores, to training for a competitive event, and eventually in college and in a job. Time is something that we all possess, have the same amount of, and can choose how to use it. The iCademy teachers and coaches believe that there are three key areas of time management that you should focus on to ensure your own success this year.  

Throughout the course of the semester the iCad Academic Coaching team will be offering various skillset sessions to students. These sessions will cover the different areas of the Self-Directed Skillset (time-management, organizational skills, initiative/resourcefulness and independent learning) and will be listed in their Class Connect schedule.  Although the information that follows can be completed independently by students (with their learning coach’s assistance), attending the Time Management Class Connects will include valuable wisdom, tools and discussion presented by our Academic Success Coaches. Parents, please make these sessions a priority for your child. Students, please be sure to log-in and join us!



The Academic Coaching Team!