Goal-setting is an essential life-skill for any student or professional.  Goals connect an individual to their dreams and aspirations.  They help you to accomplish tasks that you must do, need to do and want to do. Learning to set and accomplish attainable goals during your teenage years will be an incredible asset to your study habits, your academic successes and life-long aspirations. They will help you to manage your time and allocate it to the activities that will help you achieve your goals.

Goals can be used as inspirational motivators in our life. These types of goals are more like dreams. Maybe you dream to be a performer or professional in a specific art, sport or talent. This dream is an inspirational lifelong goal, but it takes lots of smaller goals to get you to fulfill this dream. We love that so many of our students possess dreams that act as a driving force in their life.  However, the type of goal-setting that we want you to learn as a student focuses on a different type of goal.  In iCad’s academic setting the type of goals that we need students to set are SMART goals. You may have heard of these. SMART is an acronym that gives you an easy way to remember how to write a clear goal.