Why is online learning different?

Online learning differs from the traditional brick and mortar classroom in many ways.  Students tend to find these differences to be an advantage to learning. They can approach their studies on their terms, rather than having the methodologies, timing and organization dictated to them. However, this requires a transition on many levels:  From the way that students go to class, walk the virtual hallways, interact with other students, organize their day/week, as well as, process the material that they are learning. Students and families are given the opportunity to take responsibility/ownership for many aspects of the academic semester.  We want to make sure to equip you fully so that you are prepared to be successful in this endeavor!

The Online Learner Profile

Equipping students and families for online learning is important to us.  iCad students receive the Strength Based Online Learner Inventory upon enrollment.  After students complete this assessment, they receive a customized Online Learner Profile and an invitation to meet with our Academic Coaching Team to discuss their profile. 

Throughout the semester our Academic Coaches host Class Connect Sessions on the following topics to ensure our students' success!  We encourage students to complete the Inventory, meet with an Academic Coach and attend the Class Connect Sessions. If students are unable to follow through this process - our Academic Coaching Team has provided the lessons and worksheets here for Learning Coaches and students to work through independently.

Self-directed Skillset:

  • Time Management
  • Initiative/Resourcefulness
  • Organization Skills
  • Independent Learner

Parental Role:

Availability, ability and preparedness of parent to assume Learning Coach Role

Socialization Factors:

Student’s desire, availability and likelihood to interact with iCad community

Instructional Factors:

Student’s initial ability to receive and interact with instruction independent of Learning Coach/Adviser assistance