How Teachers, Parents, and Students Work Together

In Lower School, from day one, we assign your student a "homeroom" teacher - a highly qualified professional with specific expertise in the younger grades. This online homeroom teacher oversees all facets of the instructional experience for every subject, while you, as the Learning Coach, work side-by-side with your child to facilitate his or her progress through the daily lessons.

Every online course provides you with suggested lesson plans for the week, which update automatically as your student completes them. You can vary these plans to accommodate your child’s pace or abilities; our online scheduling and management tools make it easy to move things around.

For instance, some students do better when they can concentrate on a particular subject for longer hours per day, but fewer days per week. Other parents use their children’s favorite subject as a reward, to give them a periodic break from tougher subjects. Or you may take a day off or modify the schedule to accommodate your child’s outside pursuits.

On average in Lower School, you can expect to spend 4 to 6 hours per day supporting your child's education, which most parents believe is "just right." But you’re never alone. Throughout the week, your teacher stays in close contact with you and your student, communicating regularly by K-mail, over the phone, Skype, and in one-to-one, real-time meetings that take place online. He or she remains constantly involved in your child’s learning - monitoring progress, ensuring mastery, and working with you to develop specific intervention plans if needed.

Meet the Lower School Team

The Lower School is comprised of a team of dynamic and experienced professionals, all certified to teach in their area and ready to welcome you with open arms. Check out the team photo collage below and explore each teacher's welcome video to learn more about them.