Advanced Programs: ALP K-8 & AP

What is the ALP Program?

Our school partners with K12 to offer an Advanced Learner Program (ALP) to provide further educational advancement, including a wide spectrum of curriculum options and enrichment activities. K12 developed the Advanced Learner Program in close alignment with guidelines established by the National Association for Gifted Children.

The Advanced Learner Program world-wide offers enrichment opportunities, including monthly National Learning Circles, monthly ALP club meetings, and a Speaker Series for ALP parents. In National Learning Circles, we have expert and teacher presenters, who present enrichment topics in a live, online ‘Class Connect’ session. Students are invited to create follow-up presentations on a topic of interest to them. It’s a fantastic learning opportunity for our students. One notable National Learning Circle was called “Extreme Astronomy.” It was led by K12 teacher, Pat Keeney, who was an educational consultant to NASA for 10 years. More than 200 students from around the world participated. Other Learning Circles have been on  topics such as “Dinosaur Discoveries” and “Careers in Math.”

The K¹² ALP program for grades K-8 provides educational opportunities for your child across a wide spectrum of curriculum options and enrichment activities. Essentially, we're committed to whatever it takes to optimize each child's learning experience. Below is a list of such initiatives:

  • Topic Enrichment
  • Monthly Club Meetings Aimed at Challenging the Advanced Learner
  • Access to the K¹² Premiere Learning Circles
  • Parent Training Seminars That Provide Support for Working with the Advanced Learner

We are proud to offer Advanced Learner options to our students.